Millennium Bridge

My good mate Ken lies innocently in the centrepiece of this construction, though is certainly not to blame for any of the apocalyptic finish! I simply like juxtaposing images and see how that can work, whether they fit. One is of him on The Millenium Bridge, the other...

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Biodynamic Wine- will it wash out?

When I first came across this term I didn’t know what to make of it, not some heavy fisted marketing term for Popeye potential wine swillers surely? Excuse me but it conjures up visuals of washing detergent, which I’d like to keep a safe distance from my wine rack...

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Rock and roll restoration

As a photographer and keen writer it was a pleasure to join forces with Andrew Kerr Ltd on a recent project. Embracing the old with the new the result has brought colour and a whole new style towards country living. Restoring period property & dovetailing the...

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Karmic Cape Town

Whatever your faith...whatever your journey. This is simply a slice of mine... I'm looking out. I'm looking forward. I'm looking on. I'm reflecting. I'm absorbing. I'm appreciating all the different nuances that have come together to fill this cup to the brim. A...

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Township Turnaround

There are between 8-10 black townships and around twenty coloured townships; Langa in Cape Town is one of the oldest. I took an informative tour of two with Coffee Bean Routes to deepen my understanding of the history and current situation surrounding these...

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Offering services as a photographer/videographer throughout the UK


Contact Steve Davies on 07979024250

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Covering the UK with standard working hours between 8.00 and 22.00 (flexible by arrangement)

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