No man’s an island

If you want a unique experience when you visit Cape Town take the trip to Robben Island or Seal Island taken from its Dutch origins. In days dating from the 17th century to the 20th century it has been used as a prison, a hospital for socially unacceptable groups, a...

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Sideways in South Africa

The white dove of peace is flying high today. As I sit reflecting on yesterday at La Perla in Cape Town my internet connection requires no password. Nothing gated in the community here. All runs free. Long live trust. A rare and treasured commodity in these quarters....

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Cape Town Chronicles

There is something about traveling that takes my breath away. I live. I die. I am one. I am not one. There is a distinct difference from the norm. I am elevated to a new height. Undiluted liberation rises to the surface. Everything changes. Another thing i've...

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Inside Out of Mind

This my photographic documentation with audio of the play 'Inside Out of Mind' which started its second tour earlier this week. The cast and crew were a joy to work with and I shared some unforgettable moments. It should be seen for its sheer unbridled entertainment....

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A latter day Cuban revolution

So, Cuba’s embargo has been lifted and is now a hair’s breath from coming to an end. Overseen by The Pope who bridged the relationships of Barack Obama and Raúl Castro this is without doubt a good thing. So why am I dragging my heels? Is my selfish romantic nostalgia...

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Vintage & with character

The world at large moves ever more swiftly, growing smaller through the power social media and the rapid-fire transmission of information technology. This high-speed interchange often seems to run at the mercy of no-one, least of all old people. They who were less...

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Offering services as a photographer/videographer throughout the UK


Contact Steve Davies on 07979024250

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Covering the UK with standard working hours between 8.00 and 22.00 (flexible by arrangement)

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