I’ve been a Nichiren Buddhist for over ten years now. Seems only right to create a little post about karma, more importantly perhaps my profound joy that has come from transforming it. Such a hard thing to turn around, like a big lumbering tanker out at sea; but nice to know we can if we want to.

Is this mine does it belong to me

I feel a déjà vu

Things are not as I would like them to be

My past, my present, just being not so pleasant


Here I am again but empowered to change

Bring up my guardian I’ll advance and engage

The saga of my karma and to transform this bloody drama

I will evolve and yes revolve to resolve


Round and round it’s got me in a spin

Slow motion I’m caught in an ocean

But here’s the deal I’m going to change how I feel

I chant I rant but go on I must before I turn to dust

Joyful in this quest I’ll seek no rest

My inherent deterrent being fair and knowing how to truly care

All that really matters, to know, accept and do what I must do

I’m engaged with life, my true purpose and yes I’ve got a clue.

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