Over the coming months I’m going to be documenting the re-shaping of an allotment in the oldest area of detached town gardens in the world. St Anne’s Gardens covers 75 acres and sits in the heart of the one of the most deprived inner-city communities in Britain.

Out of the 670 odd sites nestles Merly’s Orchard, which with tender loving care will be reformed to host a fete for the communities come early September.

The site of St Anne’s itself is a labyrinth of interconnecting pathways and single-track lanes flanked by thick lustrous hedges. The surrounding urban environment is left as you enter through the gateway and discover its natural inner city sanctum.

The dense growth and vegetation in the Orchard at first sight was quite overwhelming. The task at hand will necessitate much effort and hard work.

As it’s the Buddhist Organisation I’m part of that are putting on the event I’ve reflected on how such activities relate to our daily life and what benefits they bring.

Cultivating change and transforming areas of neglect are fundamental towards personal growth and healthy life but like everything in this life require the will, perseverance and vision to see things through. With the right degree of commitment great things can be achieved and the satisfaction that you’ve been instrumental in the development.

Doesn’t say much for me really, I don’t like anything that’s too messed about with! I’m a great lover of the wild and free! But then there’s the rough and the smooth, the contrast between the manicured and the pure, they all have a place really. I can like my food in a very simply earthy rustic fashion and yet appreciate the delicate intricacy of Haute Cuisine too. Everything serves a purpose.

What’s important is pulling out what doesn’t work, that which harms healthy growth; I guess we all need to weed our inner garden.

So it should be interesting these coming months. A re defined space and the fruits of labour to be shared and loved by all.

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